The Spirit, descending upon the Apostles, gave them the necessary light and strength to teach the nations and to proclaim Christ’s Gospel to them all.

When we were baptized, we received this same Holy Spirit, who made us disciples, witnesses and apostles. As happened in Jerusalem on the First Pentecost, in every Age, Christ’s witnesses, filled-with the Holy Spirit, have felt encouraged to reach-out to others in order to express the marvels God has accomplished.

Invigorated by the Gift of the Spirit, the Church has always been aware of this Duty, and has faithfully proclaimed the Gospel message in every Time and Place. She has done so with respect for the dignity of Peoples, of their Culture, of their Traditions. For this very reason, the Gospel must not be imposed, but proposed, because it can only be effective if it is freely-accepted and lovingly embraced.

Let’s all remember that we are Christ’s witnesses, and let us proclaim His love to all the people around us.


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